Now Offering Outdoor Heating Systems

 Mist Cooling Systems is a well established misting system manufacturer, installer, and distributor based in Austin, TX.  Mist Cooling Systems manufactures high quality innovative misting systems which consistently lead the industry in environmental cooling.  For conditions as harsh as the oil field or a place of serenity like your own backyard, MCS products have been designed with quality components to stand the test of time. Since the creation of MCS in 2003, we have manufactured thousands of systems and have established ourselves as an industry leader.  Enjoying your backyard should not be a luxury.

How Do We Do It?

The process begins with our high pressure pumps that operate at 1000psi.  Small particles of water are sprayed into the air through a series of customized nozzles.  The concept is referred to as “Flash Evaporation.” As these particles of water evaporate, the air temperatures are greatly reduced.  The result is an average 20 degree difference without causing residual moisture.  In order to make the most of this process, every install is unique and tailored to the individual clients needs.  MCS is the authority on misting systems in Texas and we are quickly becoming a nationwide favorite for our expertise and quality installations.

What Are Our Options?

We have one of the largest selections of misting equipment.  Every system is fit and properly sized to the scope of the project.  Mist-line systems and Fan based systems are both available.  For customers interested in mobile misting options, we offer portable misting systems that utilize pumps, fans and water reservoirs that can be easily moved.  From personalized patio installations to large scale business and venue installations, MCS can help you plan and equip for any application.  Click Here to visit our systems page to learn more, or Contact Us for a free consultation today!