Will A Misting System Help Increase Business At My Restaurant?

Will A Misting System Help Increase Business At My Restaurant?

When your running a restaurant with an outdoor seating area it can be difficult during hot days to fill that area with customers. You can however maximize your outdoor seating with having some control over the temperatures. Having a misting system for these areas can drastically change your customers attitude for sitting outdoors during hot temps.

With a mist cooling system you can cool that area up to 20 degrees with no residual moisture with what is know as “flash evaporation”. With one of our mist cooling systems your guests will be able to relax in cool comfort and without them feeling sticky or wet.


Here are some benefits to having a misting system at your restaurant:

Increase Profits!

When you able to maximize your entire space and turn over tables that will inevitability lead to increased revenue.

 Curb Appeal!

I know that when I am walking in downtown Austin on a hot summer day and I pass a restaurant with an outdoor cooling system I am instantly attracted. The thought of cooling off, and sitting down to enjoy a drink or meal becomes very appealing. And I would suffice to say that most people would feel the same.


With these benefits in mind, you’ll also need a reliable misting system company like Mist Cooling Systems to design and install your system. Summer is right around the corner, so now is the time to prepare your restaurant for the imminent hot weather that’s on its way. Contact us today to begin designing a misting system that’s tailored to your restaurant.