Facts About Mist Cooling Systems

Facts About Mist Cooling Systems

Our high pressure Mist Cooling Systems, will cool your areas by up to 20 degrees without the residual moisture that used to be associated with inferior units.

Everything starts with a High Pressure Pump that runs at 1000 psi. High pressure mist is created, which evaporates quickly, chilling the air and reducing air temperatures by a process known as “Flash Evaporation”. Whether you choose portable or mounted, all of our systems will quickly cool outdoor air temperatures, even on the hottest days by up to 20 degrees.

Powerful High Pressure Pumps

mist cooling system high pressure pump
High pressure mist cooling system pump by MCS.

Our high pressure pumps are totally enclosed and will generate a working pressure of 1000 psi. We use heavy-duty motors paired with Cat Professional Grade Pumps for the best possible combination when it comes to long-lasting, quality products designed for continual use and years of trouble-free service. Everything is engineered and manufactured here in Austin, Texas using the best possible components for years of trouble-free service. All backed by our 1 year warranty.

Here are some of the features that make MCS High Pressure Pumps the best on the market:

Low Water Sensor: Standard for all our pumps, this important switch will turn the system off in the event of low or no water. A very important feature, since running your pump without water can damage the pump in a matter of minutes. This should be standard for all pumps, but many other manufacturers don’t care enough to make it standard.

Durable Powder-Coated Enclosure with Rubber Feet: Quality-designed and insulated for noise-reduction, our custom-designed enclosures will protect your pump and motor and keep it running quietly for many years.

Internal Cooling Fan: Keeps the pump and motor cool, and internal temperatures within specifications.

Pressure Relief Valve: Releases pressure when turning the system off, eliminating drips from the nozzles, keeping your outdoor areas dry.

Pressure Gauge and Internal Pressure Regulator: Makes it easy to monitor your working pressure.

External On/Off Switch: Plus an optional remote control making it easy to operate your system.

Two Different Pump Sizes to Choose From

We offer two options on our pumps depending on the size and scope of your project, both have all the standard features listed above, the difference is the size of the pump and motor.

1.0 gpm unit: We have our 1.0 gpm enclosed unit which is capable of supplying 1000 psi for up to 45 .008 mist nozzles.
2.0 gpm unit: We have our 2.0 gpm enclosed pump unit which is capable of supplying 1000 psi for up to 100 .008 mist nozzles

System choices include:

Mist Line CoolingMist Line Cooling System Kit

Our high pressure pump generates a cooling mist around your perimeter through a network of nylon tubing installed around your patio area.

Mist Fan Cooling

Our oscillating outdoor fan with a built-in 5 nozzle mist ring combined with our high pressure pump offers the ultimate in flash evaporation and the best mist cooling available.

high pressure misting pump and misting fan

Sometimes a combination of both types of systems works best you can contact us for a hassle free estimate. So don’t stay inside this summer have the power to enjoy your outdoor areas all year long with a system from Mist Cooling Systems!

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