High Pressure Misting Systems For Barns

When temperatures reach the upper 90’s they affect humans and animals alike.  Without question, a high pressure misting system is a solution that can alleviate the stress that high temperatures that can cause your livestock.

Cattle, for instance, are more sensitive to temperatures than humans.  They reach their “critical” temperature (the temperature at which negative effects start to occur) when the temperature-humidity index reaches the high 80s.  With horses might surprise you to know that your horse gets hotter much faster than you and is more susceptible to the negative effects of heat stress.

It is also notable that installing a high pressure mist cooling system will not only keep your livestock and animals cooler but also the humans that tend to their needs.  The benefits outweigh the costs as with cows they are more likely to produce milk when their temperatures are regulated.  So, in turn, your profits will be steady or increase by keeping them cooler on hot days.

Take the time to do your research on the best high pressure mist cooling system and we are sure you will come to find that cheaper is not better, and it is best to invest in a higher quality system that will stand the test of time to protect your animals.

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