How Can A Mist Cooling System Work For My Home

How Can A Mist Cooling System Work For My Home

Here comes summer and you are ready to start planning all of your backyard parties. You may have an intimate dinner for two in mind, new patio furniture and a recently remodeled deck, or a plan to show off all your new grilling techniques to friends but in this summer heat even the most well planned parties can be a downer.

With temperatures in the mid 90’s at night it can ruin any nice outdoor event, and your guests just like plants will wilt with to much sunlight and heat.  But what if it didn’t have to be that way, what if you could take that temperature from 90 degrees to 70 degrees? Is it because you have some kind of control over the weather? Well in a way you can control the temperatures in your own backyard with a high pressure mist cooling system!

outdoor mist cooling system


High pressure mist cooling systems create a gentle mist that instantly cools down a space up to 20 degrees and makes your guests feel more comfortable. Two common applications include the misting fans with a misting ring w/nozzles attached and blow a light mist that gently falls on your guests, or the mist line application that is discretely embedded along your home’s eaves or your screened porch’s exterior and pushes out a fine cloud of mist that slowly envelops the area. Some areas can use a combination of both the fans and the lines but whatever you choose you with one of these misting systems in place on your patio, you can go ahead and take the title of host of the year for your fabulous outdoor event!

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