How Do Mist Cooling Systems Work?

Mist cooling systems work by using a high pressure pump to force water through the tubing, and nozzles specifically designed to create ultra-fine water mist.  When the mist is forced into the air it absorbs the heat in the area and it evaporates (evaporative cooling).  Hence it cools the air around you instead of getting the areas wet.

Whether you’re in a high humidity or low humidity area the mist cooling system will cool your areas by up to 25 degrees.  The system starts out with a 1.0 GPM pump and you can choose to use a mist line only (a line of tubing with a series of nozzles) that surrounds your outdoor areas, or you can use misting fans or a combination of the two.

commercial mist cooling fan installation









The process begins with our high pressure pumps that operate at 1000psi.  Small particles of water are sprayed into the air through a series of customized nozzles.  The concept is referred to as “Flash Evaporation.” As these particles of water evaporate, the air temperatures are greatly reduced.  The result is an average 20 degree difference without causing residual moisture.  In order to make the most of this process, every install is unique and tailored to the individual client’s needs.  MCS is the authority on misting systems in Texas and we are quickly becoming a nationwide favorite for our expertise and quality installations.


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