If You Have An Outdoor Area At Your Restaurant- Increase Sales By Installing A Mist Cooling System

If You Have An Outdoor Area At Your Restaurant- Increase Sales By Installing A Mist Cooling System

Imagine this. It’s a hot summer day and you have customers pouring into your restaurant for lunch and even sometimes dinner depending on the temperatures. The indoor seating area is completely full while there is plenty of space outside. Since it’s unbearably hot outside and you don’t have any way to keep your outdoor seating area cool, many potential customers walk away to your competitor because of wait times that are to long.

The point we are trying to make is in this scenario if you have a restaurant with outdoor seating and no adequate cooling arrangements, you can be losing good business to your competition, especially in the summer months. Having an outdoor seating area is no good if you can’t utilize that space to seat and serve more customers.

Now you have two options; either watch potential customers leave due to trying to wait for a seat indoors and eat away all your sales, or install a mist cooling system designed for your restaurant to cool your outdoor setting and cater to more customers? It’s your call!

Investing in a mist cooling system for your restaurant is perhaps the most cost effective way to ensure all those tables that you’ve placed outside your restaurant are used by your customers during summers.

Mist Cooling Systems – Understanding How They Work?

By installing a high pressure mist cooling system, you can easily keep your outdoor seating area cool. Our misting systems are engineered on the “Flash evaporation” principle. The water passes from the pump with high pressure through the misting nozzles which emits water in the form of tiny droplets. These droplets are then absorbed by the sun’s energy. When the droplets are vaporized, they release cool air. So the hot air rises and cool air sinks, keeping your outdoor restaurant seating area cool.

Your customers will love to order and enjoy your food if your outdoor area is cool and comfortable during hot summer days.

Other Ways Cooling Misters Can Boost Sales

Besides keeping the outdoors cool, our high pressure misting systems can really help you attract people from a distance. It is a great way to increase your restaurant’s visual appeal and get people excited. Our high pressure misters release fog like ultra-fine mist. Watching fog like mist from a distance can intrigue people and make them want to stop by your restaurant. And once they stop by, they will most certainly want to order.


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