Mist Cooling Systems Commercial Applications

Mist Cooling Systems Commercial Applications

Guest Comfort

One of the greatest challenges to running any business is keeping customers feeling comfortable in your establishment. MCS has extensive experience working with Hotels and Resorts, Golf Clubs, and Retail Centers.


Any restaurant owner knows the value of a happy customer.  As temperatures outside the restaurant become extremely hot, customers have a difficult time enjoying the exterior seating at their favorite eatery.  Mist Cooling Systems can help restore the excitement to your restaurant patio and outdoor seating areas.

Industrial and Construction

Construction sites and industrial endeavors can be dangerous and health hazards might not be immediately apparent.  Heat exhaustion and stroke are common place at construction sites.  MCS experts are well equipped with solutions to keeping your workers cool and productive.

Agriculture and Greenhouses

Agriculturists and greenhouse technicians understand the growing importance of keeping plants temperature regulated as well as maintaining specific levels of humidity in the atmosphere. MCS can help your plants and produce thrive by installing a system custom tailored for greenhouses and gardening.

Pets and Livestock

While humans can enjoy the comfort of interior air conditioning, our four-legged friends are not always as fortunate.  MCS has custom systems designed for pet kennels and livestock shelters.

We have helped numerous businesses provide cooling options by installing quality misting systems unique to the individual client. Designing a relaxing environment is what we do best. By installing an MCS system, it becomes clear to the customer that you value their business, and helps to further build lasting relationships by creating great first impressions.

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