Mist Cooling Systems for an Industrial Building

Mist Cooling Systems for an Industrial Building

Industrial or Manufacturing Building with enclosed environments can greatly benefit from a Mist Cooling System. Employee betterment, machine preservation, and dust control are just some of the things that a misting system can offer in an industrial setting.


Increase Productivity

Mist cooling systems are ideal for your workers during those warm months and times with high humidity. By cooling the air around the working environment with flash evaporation, your workers will have a cool and comfortable environment.

The pumps operate at 1000 PSI and small particles of water are sprayed through the air through nozzles. As the water particles evaporate, the temperature is reduced by up to 20 degrees.

Create a productive environment with high-pressure misting systems. Comfortable workers provide better quality in production and faster turnaround times. Avoid lost productivity by installing a mist cooling system in your industrial space.

Avoid overheating

While federal agencies don’t set a maximum safe temperature for workers, employers are responsible for protecting workers from extreme heat. OSHA requires employers to provide safe working environments for their workers. Failure to do so can result in fines and other enforcement action.

There are workplace protections you can take to help your workers avoid overheating. Making sure your warehouse or industrial building is well-ventilated, relaxing dress codes, and using fans and air conditioners are just some of the recommendations.

By installing a fan-based or mist line cooling system, you’re guaranteeing the safety of your employees.


Machine Cooling

Industrial machinery and equipment typically put off a lot of heat. This heat can radiate, making your employees in the building uncomfortably hot.

Most importantly, it can reduce the longevity and production of the machine. Large manufacturing equipment and machines are expensive to maintain or replace, so using a cooling system is important. With a Mist Cooling System, you are ensuring the safety of your equipment.

You can also protect stored goods within the building by using a Mist Cooling System. This is important in food and goods storage facilities that do not have proper air ventilation. Saving these goods is also saving your company money.


Suppress Dust

Manufacturing processes and materials handling can create large amounts of dust in your industrial building. This is a hazard for your employees as well as your equipment. With a fan-based Mist Cooling System, dust can be controlled by reducing the dust particles in the air and preventing them from settling.

Lumber manufacturers, masonry companies, and other wool-related industrial buildings can benefit from this type of dust suppression.

Where can you install a Mist Cooling System?

You can install a custom Mist Cooling System in any industrial or commercial setting. Here are just some of the areas that may need a cooling system:

  •         Steel mills
  •         Manufacturing facilities using conveyor belts
  •         Vehicle loading and unloading points
  •         Recycling plants


Whatever your needs, our experts at Mist Cooling Systems can provide a customized solution.