Mist Cooling Systems For Backyard Sport Areas

Mist Cooling Systems For Backyard Sport Areas


Whew, it’s hot out there. Inside our homes, we have the option of turning on the air conditioning, but what about outside?

With the trend toward outdoor living, it’s important to find a way to beat the heat so that you can enjoy your basketball or tennis ball court, grilling, dining, partying or plain old relaxing in your backyard — even when the mercury soars. Mist cooling just might fill the bill.

All misters work with evaporative cooling – the natural cooling effect that happens when water evaporates in warm air. With a high pressure pump system and the use inline tubing, fans, or a combination of both you can achieve and area that can be up to 25 degrees Farenheit cooler. A High Pressure system will give you the maximum cooling of any misting system — even in areas with high humidity — without getting anything wet.

sports courts mist cooling system

These systems can be installed around a basketball court, tennis court, or any other outdoor area that you would like to stay cooler while enjoying the outdoors. Experience a game on your own court like never before. MCS designs a custom system tailored to your sport court to keep you cool and maximize your outdoor games.


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