Mist Cooling Systems For Your Outdoor Pets-How it can make a difference

Mist Cooling Systems For Your Outdoor Pets-How it can make a difference

If you have pets that you keep outdoors during hot temperatures how do you keep them from overheating? Some breeds are more susceptible to heat related issues due to how much fur they may have or how their muzzles are. Just think of yourself sitting outside on a day when it’s 95 degrees in a fur coat with maybe only a bit of shade and water to keep you cooler.

We don’t know everything about every animal but here is what we know about dogs: Physical characteristics that predispose an animal to developing heatstroke include obesity, brachycephalic conformation (short-nosed dogs like Bulldogs and Pugs), very old or very young animals, and animals with certain medical conditions (e.g., upper respiratory disease, heart disease, lung disease or central nervous disease).
Environmental factors that contribute to overheating include high temperatures (one study showed working dogs were more at risk when temperatures reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit or higher), high humidity, poor ventilation and limited access to water. When the temperature exceeds about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, heat must be dissipated by evaporation. This means sweating in humans, horses and cows, and panting in dogs.

So if bringing your dog (s) inside is not an option than you may want to consider installing a mist cooling system. This can provide for not only your animals to stay cool but for you, and all your guest to stay comfortably cool outside. A high pressure mist cooling system cools by using evaporative cooling and keeps your outdoor areas up to 20 degrees cooler. So installing one is a win, win for all!

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