Misting Systems For Equestrian Use

Misting Systems For Equestrian Use

Horses are often kept inside barns which may be substantially hotter than outside temperatures due to radiant heating of the structure. With high temperatures comes the danger of heat stress, which often leads to life-threatening conditions in horses such as heat stroke and anhydrosis. Installing a mist cooling system eliminate this threat by cooling temperatures within and around stables, creating an environment that is healthy and comfortable for horses as much as it is for horse owners and workers.

Since the beginning of the domestication of horses, we have used these magnificent animals as a working breed to feed and carry us. Their strength and power has given us the ability to farm, the beginnings of transportation and today they still are treasured for their eloquence and brawn. Their natural physiological processes that make them invaluable to us also can cause significant risk when placed in stables and stalls that are hot, especially during the warmer months of the year when they are already working and exercising in blistering temperatures.

Over half of the energy that is used for a horse’s muscular activity, including even simple locomotion, is converted into heat. As you exercise or work your horse in the warmest months, then lead them back into a building that is hotter than it is outside, heat exhaustion and stroke can strike even in the healthiest of horses. A reaction to this constant heat begins with a loss of muscular control that can harm the rider and horse and can end in death or, minimally, extended care. When horses get hot, they sweat using a process that is exactly what we mimic with our high -pressure misting systems: evaporative cooling. This makes up about 85% of their cooling capability, however, the other 15% is by panting. By trying to cool the body, the horse will pant out the hot air and, ideally, intake air that is cooler than their internal temperatures. This is only effective when the air outside is actually cooler than inside, and it’s also a sign that they are coming close to a state of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. This makes it all that more important to ensure temperatures inside equestrian stalls are comfortable.

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