Misting Systems For Greenhouses Of All Sizes

Misting Systems For Greenhouses Of All Sizes

Greenhouses are perfect solution to growing plants from seeds, in a climate controlled environments. Greenhouses ensure humidity and warmth on cooler days, and help the plants to stay cool and watered in the summer months. To keep the plants protected during their growth period the cover should remain on the greenhouse at all times. The most efficient way to water plants in a mist cooling system utilizing evaporative cooling. Our mist cooling systems can be installed inside any green house allowing you to automatically water your seedlings and plants. All you have to do is turn it on.

To germinate seeds and stimulate growth the plant soil needs to remain moist. The fine mist from our Misting System provides continual watering which encourages good growth and consistent moisture around the growing roots.

green house misting systems

When evaporation uses up heat it turns water into a gas from a liquid. Because of greenhouse venting much of the needed moisture is lost when it escapes into the air.This is where greenhouse misting comes in because it can replace the moisture that is lost. Misting can also lower the temperatures by as much as twenty-five degrees F in your greenhouse which is about 14 degrees Celsius.

Greenhouse misting is affected by several factors such as the level of ventilation and shading and also the local climate and weather conditions. The fluctuations in daily weather will make a difference in how much moisture is needed, too. A greenhouse misting system is great for ensuring that whatever your conditions, the humidity levels are at optimum.

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