What Can A Mist Cooling System Do To Boost Revenue For Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Area?

What Can a Mist Cooling System Do To Boost Revenue For Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Area?

While most restaurant owners take great pride in the atmosphere of their restaurant, one major area is almost always forgotten — the outdoor patio. Sure, this area is crowded during a cool Fall evening but what about those hot summer days when the inside of your restaurant is packed, and that outdoor area is left unused? Integrating outdoor mist cooling systems from Mist Cooling Systems is a great way to ensure your guests’ comfort while also using that great outdoor space that so many enjoy.


How can a patio cooling system help my revenue?

For many restaurant goers, the dining experience starts well before the food even arrives. Dining atmosphere is one of the top reasons a customer will return to their favorite restaurant. VSAG Restaurant Consultant recently conducted an analysis that showed that restaurant owners can increase their profitability by 65% by utilizing an outdoor eating space. This amount could be even greater in the southern part of the United States as well as areas with high humidity. Most residents of these areas love the outdoors and appreciate the ability to sit comfortably outside at their favorite eatery during the summer.

Outdoor mist cooling systems are ideal for restaurants during those warm summer months because it cools the air around your guests using flash evaporation, instead of simply misting your customers with cool water. You can read more about how outdoor mist cooling systems work here. By installing a mist cooling system, you can ensure your guests’ comfort and gain a repeat customer.

Aside from enhancing your guests’ dining experience, you are also adding space as well as providing advertisement of your restaurant to foot traffic and passersby. Imagine customers walking by, looking for a nice cold drink in a relaxing atmosphere. They pass by your restaurant and see the misting systems on the patio and decide your restaurant is where they’d like to enjoy that cold drink. If it weren’t for the misting systems, do you think they’d like to sit out on the scorching patio in July? Probably not.

What is right for my restaurant?

Outdoor mist cooling systems can come in many different forms. However, just like any product, you’ll want to avoid off-brand or cheaper units. These can leave your customers (and the food you’ve just brought them) a sopping wet mess! With high-quality misting systems, you get the comfort of cool air around your guests without the water.

If you’re unsure of what type of system to use, Mist Cooling Systems provides the tools to determine if a mist fan, a mist line, or a combination of both, is right for your location and guest comfort.

By utilizing your outdoor eating space, your restaurant is sure to gain profitability and guests who can enjoy the outdoor experience of your great eatery. Check out our Mist Cooling Systems today!

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