Which Portable Misting Fan Is The Best?

We get asked this all the time, which portable misting fan is the best to buy?  Well we have to look a few things first, for some it may be a question of how much they can afford, and for others it may be a question of how “portable” the fan actually is.


There are a few things to look at when thinking of buying a misting fan that is portable. Some of the cheaper fans on the market that mist are not portable and have to be hooked up to a hose at all times.  These less expensive models may possibly “mist” however unless your willing to get wet trying to stay cool then no of those types will work for you.  They can also cause damage to wood decks, and cause other unwanted situations like mold growth.

The great thing about the portability means you can take it anywhere with you such as to the lake, or camping, and maybe even your tailgate party!  You will want to know how long it can run without being hooked up to a hose, and is it “high pressure”?  The reason that a high pressure fan makes a big difference is because it utilizes “flash evaporation” which means it cools the air without any residual moisture. So you stay cooler by up to 30 degrees in some cases and nothing anywhere get’s wet.

One of the best features of the high end model is the built-in water tank. There is no need to search out a water source or worry about someone tripping over a connected hose. The portable cooling unit can be filled with a bucket or garden hose (hose connection is filtered) and will run for about four hours on the sixteen-gallon tank. Built-in safety switches turn off the pump when the tank runs out.

So while these fans may cost much more than their counterparts there are so many reasons why.  And if you decide that one is right for you it will be a great investment that most family and friends will envy!



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