Mist Cooling Systems provides business owners with several options for keeping their clients and staff up to 20 degrees cooler.  An MCS professional can help you decide on the correct approach to any cooling application. Customers can choose to install a fan based system, mist-line system or opt for a portable fan based misting system.  With three different cooling system solutions to offer, we can customize a strategic installation unique to your establishment to provide optimum relief from those hot summer days.

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Our mist line systems utilize 1/4″ nylon tubing and quality high pressure fittings.  1/4″ High Pressure Nylon tubing comes in 5 different colors and is easy to hide, very discreet installations.  We also offer 3/8″ stainless steel lines which can be powder coated to match any exterior.

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Our fans range from 18″-36″ in size and are equipped with three-speed oscillation and a 30° range of tilt.  Fans also feature 4 high speed nozzles and a rugged outdoor rated housing.  We also offer custom fabrications for almost any situation. We are the experts when it comes to design and installation for high-end custom construction projects.

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